How to talk to God with AI.

AI is making a lot of new things possible; conversations with the Creator just happen to be the latest thing on the list. In fact, AI is making all sorts of impossible interviews a reality. If you caught OpenAI’s release of Chat-GPT4 you’ll have seen the AI-generated avatars of Bill Gates and long dead philosopher Socrates going, quite literally, head-to-head over the threats and benefits of AI.

Behind the theatrics are a series of AI models that, when combined, give the impression of sentience.

This narrative device gives you the ability to host any celebrity from any age and put words in their mouth. The even better thing? It’s not been exploited by content creators yet. So, get on it and you could come out ahead with some seriously impressive and unique content. When you want to get started, you can check out a quick how-to on the creation process, here:

Using the technology to “speak to God”, is just one possible twist on this, here are three more to prove the power of the set-up:

Using celebrity avatars as the voice of comedic cutaways, hype-building speeches or as famous faces that react to your content.
Reimagining memorable moments in film with likenesses of the relevant characters.
Having celebrities deliver their own powerful quotes instead of voicing them yourself.

As a story-telling device, this piece of trickery is relevant for just about every channel. Work with it imaginatively and we’ve no doubt you’ll find new ways of communicating with your audience while levelling-up your production value. And that, means clicks.

⚠️ Closing disclaimer ⚠️
The extent to which the law protects celebrities and their work from AI is still being defined. But if you want to play it safe, flagging your creation as an AI impression or selecting long dead / more abstract figures, would be a good start.

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